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In addition to conventional assisted living services, LifeWell communities also provide advanced Memory Care options based on the Seven Pillars of Memory Care.


Our Seven Pillars

Choice-Based Living

Dignity shouldn’t disappear with age. Residents dealing with dementia can become overwhelmed by decisions, but still deserve to make their own choices. That’s why we emphasize suggestions and options to help them feel in control.


Our Seven Pillars

Immersive Experiences

Just because a person has dementia doesn’t mean they lose their life experiences. LifeWell caregivers encourage our residents to draw upon their positive memories to better experience life in the present.


Our Seven Pillars

Thoughtful Culinary Experiences

People with dementia have been known to have issues with eating and drinking. To help them feel more comfortable, we provide a calm dining environment complete with cooking demonstrations and nutritiously enriched foods.


Our Seven Pillars

Innovative Environment

To provide our memory care residents with as much freedom and mobility as possible, we utilize safety software such as QuietCare and iN2L to help them interact and engage safely.


Our Seven Pillars

Personalized Care

Even with diminished memory, those suffering from dementia are still their own unique individuals. Our caregivers prioritize each resident’s unique qualities, abilities, preferences, and needs to deliver them optimal care for a higher quality of life.


Our Seven Pillars

Family Partnerships

Dementia isn’t suffered alone: seeing a loved one lose their memory can take a toll on family members and loved ones as well. That’s why Lifewell caregivers act as a support group for family members, keeping them involved and educated.


Our Seven Pillars

Collaborative Team Approach

Research has shown that a strong team approach helps dementia patients grow and improve. Working with a team of physicians, third-party caregivers, and family members, we treat various aspects of your loved one’s condition to provide them with the highest quality of life possible.

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