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Each LifeWell community is structured to provide seniors with a fulfilling life. No matter their age or condition, each resident is given the opportunity to lead a Connected, Active, Purposeful, and Safe life.

Our Philosophy

Be Connected.

We provide regular social activities and senior friendly tablets for online communication and with innovative programming to keep residents connected and engaged with the outside world.

Our Philosophy

Stay Active.

All LifeWell communities provide a senior-friendly exercise program. Residents who participate see an average strength increase of 286%, which contributes to a reduction in falls, improve mental health, and more manageable levels of physical pain.

Our Philosophy

Remain Purposeful.

Seniors moving into a LifeWell community aren’t abandoning their livelihood; they are embarking on a satisfying new chapter that fits in with their current needs. We provide residents with quality meals, stimulating activities, and compassionate care to give them the dignified life they want and deserve.

Our Philosophy

Feel Safe.

Each LifeWell community comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Using RFID tracking and monitoring technology, we keep elders safe from abuse, neglect, and theft. Residents are able to control their own schedule, while having the aid of unobtrusive monitoring to make sure they don’t get lost as they go about their days.

With a focus on the Six Dimensions of Wellness, LifeWell is the industry leader in personalized care.

Our Experience